What Students have to say about our Tutors

Pia S., AP Chemistry

"Dora L. has been such a fantastic tutor for me. She is incredibly dedicated to her students and I know that she is always there to support my learning when I need her help.  She has been able to teach me so much and because of her, chemistry is much more than just a subject in school but something I really enjoy and look forward to. Having her support last year when I was in honors chemistry made me feel confident in my skills and in my understanding. The way that she communicates with her students is unbelievable and I can't imagine going into AP chemistry next year without her guidance and help.”

Joshua S., AP Chemistry

"As a high school student, I always had a passion for the sciences but Dora L. was able to ignite that excitement to really motivate me to pursue a career in medicine.  What distinguishes Dora from the rest is her strong devotion to teaching and enthusiasm for chemistry, making her an exceptional teacher, undeniably one of the best I have ever had. Dora has made an extraordinary contribution to my education, empowering me to be where I am now, a medical student in the UK on my way to doing what I want to do.”

Paul A-L., University Engineering Courses

"Isaac C. is a very patient tutor that takes the time to explain difficult theories and will always find good examples to help you understand these theories.  He is always prepared with pre-written notes specifically tailored to the person he is tutoring and problem sets.  What I really liked about his teaching is that I didn’t feel afraid to ask him “simple” questions and have a good laugh with him from time to time.  Although we had good laughs, it did not change that I wanted to learn and do my homework.  As a tutee it was important to feel comfortable but also pressured to do my work and learn.  For all those reasons and more, I would say Isaac has been my most effective tutor."

What Parents say about our Tutors

Parent of Student , AP Chemistry

"Our daughter enrolled in AP Chemistry as a sophomore. As parents we were concerned about the amount of work and the difficulty level of the subject, but she was determined to challenge herself. A major factor in deciding to take the course, was Dora's reputation as a stellar educator. Our daughter experienced for the first time what it was like to study a demanding, college level, subject. It was immediately obvious to us that Dora's dedication to her profession and the subject made our daughter even more determined to perform to her maximum ability. Mrs. Lee inspired her and helped her succeed by setting high expectations, being accessible, enthusiastic, and caring throughout the year.  AP Chemistry was a course that changed our daughter.  She loved interacting with Dora and realized the type of academic challenges she wanted to experience.  As parents, we consider it a blessing that our daughter was able to work with Dora as a young high school student."

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