How I Got Into My University Sharing Event(2018)

How I Got Into My University Sharing Event(2018)

University Experience Sharing Event (2017)

In this video, Tutor-Mentor Adrian H. teaches Math. He explains how to find missing terms in a geometric sequence.
Adrian H.
In this video, Tutor-Mentor Adya R. teaches IB Biology. She reviews the topics of carbohydrates and lipids, and their chemical structures.
Adya R.
In this video, Tutor-Mentor Alex T. teaches A Level Chemistry. He goes into the topic of rates of reaction and explains how to graph reaction formulas.
Alex T.
In this video, Tutor-Mentor Alisha G. teaches AP Economics. She explains the supply and demand curve and how the demand curve can shift.
Alisha G.
In this video, Master Tutor Amber M. teaches English Language. She explains the steps students should take to effectively perform literary analysis.
Amber M.
In this video, Tutor-Mentor Anahita P. teaches AP Economics. She explains how to determine the equilibrium price using the demand and supply curves and what factors makes the curves shift.
Anahita P.
In this video, Tutor-Mentor Anita C. teaches how to do the IB Extended Essay in the topic of Chemistry. She explains how to structure the essay and draw conclusions from experiments.
Anita C.
In this video, Tutor-Mentor Bakhita F. teaches IB Economics. She teaches how to make economic evaluations through analyzing class impact, generational impact and stakeholder impacts.
Bakhita F.

Mast Interviews Mrs. Chau: Nuturing her son into a top US University

Through collaboration with the tutors of MAST Education, Mrs. Chau has successfully propelled her son to 2018 admission at The University of Chicago (US Ranking No. 3). In this video, Mrs. Chau shares her insights in how she has nurtured her son to success.

The MAST Experience - Tutors

Several Tutor-Mentors describe how tutoring with MAST Education allows them to have flexible schedules, competitive compensations and strong connections with students.

MAST Master Tutor Testimonial - Pat U.

Master Tutor Pat U. explains how MAST's responsive technical and logistical support helps her focus on teaching her students. Also, having the ability for students to send her their homework problems in advance helps Pat better prepare for lessons. After lessons, Pat exports the annotated homework sheets and sends it back to the student, allowing the students to review what they learned in the session.

MAST Master Tutor Testimonial - Karen D.

Master Tutor Karen D. has been working with MAST Education for over an year and a half and explains how MAST both streamlines her tutoring scheduling and giving her more flexibility.
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