Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

1. What is MAST?
MAST Education is an online education platform that connects students with relevant tutors to help them excel in their AP subjects. Our platform provides a centralized location for free 3rd party content made available on the web to further guide students toward their success. Students struggling with AP subjects can utilize these study guides to help with homework, labs, understanding concepts and preparing for exams. With that said, it often takes more than online materials to thoroughly prepare a student, thus MAST Education also takes a personalized approach by offering ‘tutor matching’ services.
2.  How do I know that my tutor is qualified?
There are two types of tutors on the MAST Education platform;

1) Master Tutors: Who are teachers/tutors who have taught, or are teaching AP subjects


2) Tutors: who are undergraduates/graduates who have scored a 5 on the AP exam, and achieved an A/A- in the course.

With these stringent academic requirements or qualifications, students can be reassured that all tutors on the MAST Education platform are well qualified.
3. How can I find the best tutor for me?
There are multiple ways to find a tutor on the MAST website. Students are able to browse our tutors based on subjects here. This way, students can directly look for the tutors who teach the subject that they need help with. There is also a complete list of all the tutors currently on the MAST platform here. With this method, students can have a holistic view on all the tutors. Each tutor also has a detailed profile with information pertaining to the university he/she attends or attended, his or her major, experience, and an introductory video showcasing their teaching.  

To guarantee that students find the best match, our Tutor-Mentors offer a 30-minute free trial for all students with each new Tutor-Mentor they work with. This means that the student will be able to see the Tutor-Mentor in action and gauge whether or not the Tutor-Mentor is a good fit. If not, the student can simply have a free 30-minute trial with another Tutor-Mentor.
4. How can I schedule a lesson?
In order to schedule a lesson with a particular tutor, all you have to do is go to a tutors profile and click the orange "Book Now" button, then follow the instructions.   The Tutors personalized calendar will allow you to customize the duration of the lesson, the date and time of the lesson as well as the number of lessons you want to schedule at once. You will have to pay for the lesson via Paypal when prompted in order to finalize the booking. You will receive a confirmation email when the booking has been made. Should you fail to pay within a brief period, you will be notified of the booking's automatic cancellation.
5. How much is one lesson?
The cost of a lesson varies by the tutor you choose. The lesson rate for tutors can be found on the tutor’s individual profile. For lesson rates charged by Master Tutors, please inquire on their profiles.
6. What is the 5.5% service fee charged to students?
When paying for the lesson, you will find that a 5.5% service fee is being charged in addition to the lesson rate. This fee covers operational costs and transaction costs incurred through transferring payments.
7. What is the cancellation/rescheduling policy?
Each tutor posts their own cancellation policy on their profile page.  It is best to check with your tutor prior to starting your first lesson so that no misunderstanding arises later. 
8. Do I need to provide any material for my lesson?
It would be very beneficial for you and helpful to the tutor if you provide materials for the lesson 24 hours ahead of time. This way, your tutor can tailor the lesson towards the curriculum you follow and help you with your course materials.  When you schedule your lesson you will be prompted to upload your materials.
9. What form of payment do you accept?
MAST Education accepts credit card payments via Paypal as part of the online booking process. If you would like to use another payment method, please contact us directly at here.
10. What if I experience technical difficulties?
To minimize any technical difficulties, we advise you to read through our setup procedure to ensure that you get the most optimal experience. If technical problems persist, you can also contact our customer support here for technical help prior to your lesson.

For Tutors

1. What are the requirements to be a tutor for MAST?
To be a Master Tutor, you must be a teacher who has taught or are teaching AP subjects.

To be a Tutor-Mentor, you must be an undergraduate/graduate who scored a 5 on the AP exam and achieved an A/A- in the subject you wish to teach.
2.  How do I become a tutor?
Have taught or currently teach an AP subject in High school?
Have you received a 5 on your AP subject exam and obtained an A/A- in your high school course?
If you have answered yes to either of the above questions, contact us here to start your application process.
3. How do I create an online demo video?
Once you have been accepted as a tutor on MAST Education, you will receive further instruction on creating your demo video.
4. Do you provide any technology support to teach online?
We are here to help you through any technical issues that you may come across, you are not on your own.  Just contact us here for technical support.
5. How do I set my lesson fee?
All tutors with MAST Education are allowed to set their own rates.  After you have been accepted to become a MAST tutor we will ask for your hourly rate in one of the introductory emails.  

If you wish to change your rate, you must let MAST know at least 3 days prior to a scheduled lesson.  For any students that are currently being taught by you who will be affected by the price change, they will fall under a "grandfather" pricing clause which will require you to maintain the same price for at least 1 month and obtain a "price change request" confirmation email from the student.  For additional information contact us at here.
6. What are post session notes?
Post session notes are provided on a voluntary basis by the Tutor to the Student after a lesson.  When filling out the post session notes, it should include the time and date of the lesson, the subject taught, general comments regarding the lesson, issues that you and the student encountered and resolved, and lastly some suggestions for the student.  By providing your Student with post session notes, you'll be able to enhance their learning by providing valuable feedback and information not only for them, but for their parents.  
7. When do I get paid and how?
The payment systems that MAST utilizes are PayPal, direct bank transfers and checks.  You can decide the method for which you get paid. Payments are made as a lump sum at the end of the month   If you have any questions, contact us here.
8. How is my tutoring evaluated?
On the profile of each tutor, there is an area in which students can review their tutors. These reviews will then be sent to tutors. Within the review is also an area in which students rate their tutors from one to five. For additional questions, please contact us here.
9. Do I set my own cancellation policy?
Yes, you can choose your own cancellation policy.  Contact us here so we can update your profile page.
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