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What is it like to tutor with MAST?

Flexible hours

Tutor when you want.  Want to take a vacation for a week? Go ahead.  Feel bored while on vacation and want to do a little tutoring? Great, hop online and find a student who needs help.  We don't limit your hours.  As long as there are students who need your help, we'll send them your way.

Work from home

Tutor where you want.  Don't feel like leaving the house? You don't have to.  Since all our sessions will be conducted online, you can teach students from a coffee shop, an office, at school, or in your living room.  All that we ask is you make sure that the environment is quiet enough that the student can hear you teach.

Get paid for your experience

We at MAST Education understand the hard work that you put into one-on-one tutoring, and we believe in fairness and transparency to both you as a tutor and the students who come to MAST to learn.  Therefore we have implemented a pricing bandwidth based on your experience so that you don’t have to compete with other tutors in an unfair environment.  Our progressive commission rate also offers an incentive fee to tutors who bring their own students onto our platform.   MAST Education believes you are worth your experience in gold.  The more experienced you are, the more money you can make.   We believe in our teachers and want our compensation model to reflect the appreciation we have for our teachers.

Easy-to-use technology

We understand that dealing with unfamiliar technologies is one of the most intimidating barriers we face today when jumping into new ventures.  At MAST, we aim to use the simplest and most practical solutions at our disposal in order to facilitate the online learning experience.  Due to familiarity, we feel that Skype is a good general solution for connecting students and teachers as it also supports screen-sharing and file transfers.  For more in-depth experiences such as interactive whiteboards and content management, we intend to utilize OneNote, Google Docs, Skype's screen sharing capability or an equivalent platform, which is known for their ease of use. Our team will do what we can to help you through any technical difficulties throughout the learning process.  We are here to help you.

No need to re-invent the wheel

If you are already teaching an AP or IB course, you don't need to do anything different, keep teaching what you are teaching.  Use the same curriculum for the students you tutor.

Impact a student's life

Impact students from around the world.  For students who are not fortunate to have a great teacher such as yourself, you can help students grow.  There is no limit to where your knowledge will reach.

Your knowledge won't go to waste

A teacher's experience only grows with age and becomes more refined and honed as time goes on.  If you are retired, don't let your knowledge go to waste.   Just because you are older doesn't mean you should stay inactive.  As a subject matter expert, pass your knowledge to the younger generation and enrich as many lives as possible.

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