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B.A. Economics, Minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies
Tufts University, 2021

Academics & Tutoring Experience

  • United World College South East Asia Geography award, 4 years in a row (2013 - 2016)
  • Passionate about reducing hunger and is working on a 'Million Meals Challenge'; this initiative aims to feed a million meals to people in India and across the world.
  • Semester at Sea, Graduated April 2017 103 Day Study abroad program organised by the Institute of Shipboard education and the Colorado State University.
  • The Food Truck Of Tomorrow | Samay Bansal | TEDxUWCSEA
  • Lavalla - Student Volunteer, Student Chair: LaValla is an organisation established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that aims to provide an accelerated primary education to the severely handicapped youth in the region.

Why I love to teach

Maths and Geography have been my favorite subjects growing up, and there was something about them that I always found very interesting. I enjoyed learning more about Maths and seeing as the study is Geography is all around us, I couldn't help but explore it as well. I decided to tutor these subjects because I felt like I had a good grasp of the concepts and had a great enough understanding to help an individual see how to work from where they are to correctly reach the solution. I like the process of tutoring and watching how something that scares someone initially actually excites them afterwards because they have the confidence to answer the questions well.

Interesting fact

When I drive, even when I have to reverse, I always go forward a little first because I believe that you should always start by moving forward.

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Languages Spoken

English - Native, Hindi - Fluent, Spanish - Conversational, Punjabi - Beginner

Demonstration Video

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IB Geography (HL/SL)



IGCSE Geography

Louisiana State University, 2003
B.A. Liberal Arts
George Mason University (2005)
Collegiate Professional Teaching License
Julie A.

IB Math (HL)

IB Physics (HL)

IB Chemistry (HL)

University of Hong Kong, 2024
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IB Biology (HL)
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Brown University, 2021
Double Major: Biology and Economics
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