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Samanwita S.


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King George V School
English Language and Literature
University of Oxford, 2021

Academics & Tutoring Experience

  • Tutored GCSE Geography to a student in the year below for approximately 2-3 months
  • November 2017: Received the S.A. Gross Memorial Literature Prize at my school, given to the highest performing literature student.
  • November 2017: Was awarded the Wellesley Book Award, given to the highest performing female literature student in Year 12.
  • July 2017: Was accepted into the New York Times summer school
  • April 2017: Did work experience at South China Morning post from April 10th -14th
  • 2016: Participated in the Hong Kong Young Laureate Award wher my work received a high commendation
  • 2017/18: Deputy Head Girl at King George V School
  • 2014/15: Head Prefect for My House, Crozier House Debate Captain

Why I love to teach

I`ve always loved being able to connect with other students and help them better understand concepts. I feel that it is a learning experience for both the teacher and the student. I`ve thoroughly enjoyed learning all of my IB subjects, and look forward to imparting that joy on other students!

Interesting fact

I really want to learn Japanese.

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