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Russel S.


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Hong Kong International School, 2016
B.A. Computer Science
Princeton University, 2020

Academics & Tutoring Experience

  • I've taught individuals and groups up to 10 people as part of my high school programming club

Why I love to teach

I love programming, but I love learning the underlying mathematics and philosophy far more. Its pretty cool to be able to build apps (and I've built a few), but the ability to see links to Haskell, first class functions, currying, and closures in Swift's func name(arg: Type) -> (String -> String), makes the process of programming easier, and more rewarding. Thinking like a programmer requires knowledge of computational structures - semantics - and not just language syntax. Naturally, I'm rather emphatic on this point, so when I get to teach new ideas, answer questions, and clear up misunderstandings, I'm quite contented.

Interesting fact

I love history and philosophy as much as I like computer science. Actually, I have a bookshelf dedicated to keeping my history books. I have yet to collect enough philosophy though.

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