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Farrah A.


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Diocesan Girls School, 2017
B.A. Psychology and B.A. Music Education
University of California, Los Angeles, 2021

I will share my knowledge on:

  • How I supported my college applications using a holistic approach focusing not only on academics and SAT scores, but also on extra-curriculars (debate, choir, MUN etc.), leadership, and services to build an all-rounded profile.
  • How I decided on choosing UCLA, ranked as nation’s No. 1 in its Clinical Psychology program, to pursue my major in Psychology, as I am intrigued by how genetics and experiences could influence thoughts and behavior.
  • What UCLA has to offer in terms of campus life, flexibility in major selection, fast-paced quarter system, and international diversity
  • How I prepare myself for a career combining passion in music and interest in developmental psychology, supported by my research in using music as a therapy for mental health
  • My familiarity of the UC application to help students gain a first-hand perspective on the admissions process, and my journey in gaining the UCLA Achievement Scholarship (awarded to top 1%)

Academics & Tutoring Experience

  • Tutoring Experience:
    - 1 year tutoring at Saturday academies in local school district, helping students with difficulties in any subject

    - 3 years tutoring through numerous National Honor Societies
    (Math, Social Studies etc.).  Subjects include all high school level math (Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra), English, and Music

    - 3 years teaching Congressional Debate and Model United Nations
    workshops at school; served as forensics captain for 2 years (1 year as head captain) and MUN president for 1 year respectively

    - 1 year as a private tutor for piano performance and music theory
  • Academic Awards:
    - UCLA Academic Achievement Scholar:
    Awarded to 1% of admits who demonstrate exemplary academic performance

    - New York University Global Liberal Studies Scholarship

    - National Merit Commended Scholar:
    Awarded to top 1% PSAT scorers in the US

    - National Honor Society

    - National Math Honor Society - Vice President

    - National Social Studies Honor Society

    - National Science Honor Society
  • AP Awards:
    2017: National AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction·        

    2016: AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Commended Scholar
  • Speech and Debate Team:
    Head Captain (2016-2017), Debate Captain (2015-2016)

    - Texas University Interscholastic League Debate Tournament:
    ○ 2014-2015 & 2015-2016 Congressional Debate Finalist
    ○ 2015-2016 Extemporaneous Speaking - 4th place

    - National Speech and Debate Association Tournament:
    ○ 2016-2017 Congressional Debate Finalist
    ○ 2016-2017 Informative Speaking Semifinalist

    - Texas Forensic League - Congressional Debate
    ○ 2014-2015 Kempner High School Tournament Champion
    ○ 2015-2016 & 2016-2017 Dulles High School Tournament Finalist
  • Model United Nations Club (MUN):
    President (2016-2017), Treasurer (2015-2016)

    - 2014 Hong Kong Model United Nations:
    Most Outstanding Delegation

    - 2015 Diocesan Girls’ School Model United Nations:
    Best Delegate Award

    - 2016 Houston Area Model United Nations :
    Best Small Delegation

    - 2017 Houston Area Model United Nations:
    Outstanding Delegate Award

    Coordinated and taught in weekly club meetings, managed logistics for conferences

Why I love to teach

I’m a strong believer in education and investing resources in younger generations. Teaching has always been a passion of mine as I get to share my knowledge with others while being able to exchange ideas with them - and tutoring is a great platform for doing so. As a graduated high schooler with a full AP schedule, I have first-handedly experienced the stress and workload that comes with taking each exam so I fully understand the importance of having good teachers! By tutoring these subjects, I hope to pass down my knowledge and exam-taking advice to students for their future benefit.

Interesting fact

Music is a huge part of my life! In addition to 14 years of classical training in piano, I also play the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, xylophone, cajon, and sing.

Introduction Video

Languages Spoken

Fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Demonstration Video

In this video, Tutor-Mentor Farrah A. teaches the topic of Classical Conditioning in AP Psychology. She goes over the experiments that allowed psychologists to test this theory and why it works.

Blog Posts

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