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Edward C.


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Chengdu Foreign Language School
B.Eng. Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2021

Academics & Tutoring Experience

  • I have tutored my classmates and lower grade students in AP Calculus AB and Physics 2 when I was in high school. The tutoring project last for around a year.
  • Some experience in teaching SAT;  720 in writing and 790 in math

Why I love to teach

Tutoring strengthens one's own understanding, and as I'm still a college student, keep practicing some fundamentals of science will do me well. Tutoring is also joyful for both tutor and student. I enjoy carefully laying out a complicated mapping of problems and solutions, and when my student burst out with an "Ahhh!", I just feel fulfilled.

Interesting fact

I'm left-handed and my writing in right hand is artistically unreadable.

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